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Shufflewire is a completely free-to-access directory and network with a key focus on the needs of anyone who works in the music industry. You can also post classified ads where you can promote your upcoming gigs, sell gear and equipment, as well as post jobs.

What We Do

At Shufflewire, we offer both directory listings and classified listings:

Directory Listings

These listing types cover profiles and places that never expire. Even if you choose a premium listing plan, there will always be a free unlimited plan to go back to.

Classified Listings

These listing types cover gigs, gear and opportunities that will expire after the stated time on the listing plan and there will always be a free plan available.

Our Story

Founded in 2015 as a passion project and creative outlet producing live sessions with some of the most talented, up and coming artists all around the UK, which is now better known as Shufflewire Sessions

We are (and have always been) incredibly dedicated to supporting creatives, musicians and independent businesses. We know and have experienced what it’s like starting out; without any money, followers or customers. With that in mind, we’ve always wanted to be in a position where we can use our influence, reputation and industry knowledge to support anyone comes our way. 

With over a million views later, Shufflewire is established as a respected and well-known brand within the entertainment and music industries for showcasing new talent and promoting small businesses to a worldwide fanbase. 

Whilst continuing to do what we love, we always to wanted to do more with Shufflewire, which is why we launched our music-industry directory, a completely free-to-access directory, along with classified ads filled with hundreds of places, musicians, gigs, jobs, as well as musical gear for sale and hire. For us, it’s incredibly important that all the website is open and available to all visitors.

Alongside our directory, we run an online blog which aims to provide music fans, musicians and professionals with all latest industry news, new music, tutorials, interviews, recommended gear, videos and of course our exclusive live sessions.

Our Team

James Prismall

Director & Founder

James Prismall is a digital producer, film producer and entrepreneur, who is incredibly dedicated to supporting the music industry. He has always wanted to be in a position where he can use his influence, reputation and knowledge support musicians, bands and music businesses wherever possible. James is passionate about all things creative, digital and online, with a vision to deliver innovative and strategic approaches and solutions to any project, taking advantage of the most effective and appropriate tools and techniques available.



Stuart Hardy is a British born musician, tutor and entrepreneur. He started his music career as a vocalist aged 11, discovering drums aged 14. Over a career spanning 45 years, he has performed consistently in a broad variety of bands and musical styles including indie-pop, folk and prog-rock. Throughout his career, Stuart has performed hundreds of gigs and contributed to numerous albums as a drummer, percussionist and vocalist. At various times he has also been an independent record company director, artistes agent and promotor.




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Word on the Streets

Some words that some of our customers have said about us

Oli J Simpson
Oli J Simpson
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Shufflewire are a brilliant platform that have provided me with an amazing level of service and support! I would highly recommend them!
Ben Drake
Ben Drake
Read More
Always a pleasure working with Shufflewire. One of the nicest guys in the biz and always a professional end product. Would very much recommend!
Alex James Ellison
Alex James Ellison
Read More
Had such a good time working with Shufflewire! Loads of fun and the quality of the video is so high! Would definitely recommend to anyone 🙂
Natalie Amanda Gray
Natalie Amanda Gray
Read More
Lots of fun recording with Shufflewire! Very professional, great sound and great video quality!! Highly recommend! ❤ xxxx
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