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If you sell products or provide services to bands, venues, music shops, musicians, writers, producers, studios or any other businesses or professionals involved in the music industry, where else would be a better place to advertise? We can tailor all advertising campaigns to target specific audiences by location, category, listing type, pages and posts. If you’re not a graphic designer, we can also help create you create a fancy advert!

Promoted Listings

If you already have a listing with us, then we can offer you many ways to boost your listing higher up in search results.​

Banner Ads

We can offer you a wide variety of different placements across the entire website to help you target specific audiences.


We have various subscriber lists that you can choose from and reach specific audiences in a featured section.


If you love what we’re doing and want to get involved, you can sponsor us and be featured on our homepage, newsletters and posts.

Video Ads

If you’ve got a video that you’d like to showcase on Shufflewire, or feature your product/service in our videos.

Product Review​

If you have a product or service specific to the music industry, we can work with you to give you an awesome review.

What makes us different from our competitors?

1 Shufflewire is completely free-to-access, compared to many other music-industry focused directories. For us, we find it incredibly important that all listings are open and available to all our visitors, meaning our platform is even more valuable to advertisers.

2 Shufflewire is not just a directory, we offer classified ads that give our users the opportunity to sell used gear, find musicians to join their band, promote upcoming gigs and also post job listings. This keeps the site dynamic, with new ads all the time.

3 We also run an online blog that features all the latest music-industry news, gear reviews, new music, tutorials, videos, as well as our exclusive live sessions featuring some of the most talented, up and coming artists from around the world.




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