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Grand Theft Audio Return With A New Single

Grand Theft Audio will release their first single in almost 20 years after recently announcing on social media that they are working together again as a 3 piece. ‘Ruin Your Youth’ is a singalong punk-metal anthem which encompasses the same intense motivational vitality, punctuated by wry lyricism and cheerleader exuberance the band always radiated.

The 2020 line up is Jay Butler – vocals/ guitars Ritch Battersby – Drums and Ralph Jezzard – Bass/ Keys

“I think being young is being hijacked by middle-aged, middle-class people and I think it’s probably harder to be young now than it’s ever been.” Says frontman Jay Butler about the song’s theme

 “I certainly didn’t have a very rounded outlook on life when I was 17 or 18 and I think the right of passage to be a prick is being robbed from kids. There’s a lot of pressure to be very serious, to be very considered and structured and I think that kids have lost something because of that and I think that’s sad. Kids live double lives now, outwardly and with social media, they’re very wary of what they put out about themselves to the world and they’re very critiqued for it. I think you should be able to enjoy your youth smash the shit out of it and fucking exploit it because the middle age train is coming for everyone.”

The single’s cover art and accompanying video (directed by Scott Chalmers) pay homage to the 1979 movie ‘Scum’. “You’d be hard pushed to find a film that represents the bleaker side of youth than that film does.” Says Jay, “It was a pivotal film for me when I was a kid, I can still remember watching the video of Scum around someone’s house when we should have been at school and thanking all the Gods of the universe that I wasn’t in Borstal getting attacked in a greenhouse and it haunted me. It’s got a certain feel about it that is very much of that time, the grim bleakness of being a hopeless teenager.”

GTA made their musical mark around the turn of the century, arguably gaining more attention stateside than at home. Tracks from their first album Blame Everyone featured in Dude Where’s My Car (2000), American Pie 2 (2001), Grand Turismo 3 and FIFA 2001.  Although never really troubling the UK charts, the band gained a following and toured the USA supporting Green Day with other notable slots across Europe. Just as global stardom beckoned the bands’ record label went pop (no pun intended) and the boys found themselves crashing back to earth and day jobs with a bump. So in 2020 are the band still hungry? Can they reproduce their raw energy two decades on and into their forties? You bet they can!!

Ruin Your Youth is released on November 27th with an album underway for release in the spring. Grand Theft Audio are back and it’s like they’ve never been away.

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