New Single: ‘The Devil Dealt Me You’ by Georgia Nevada

Country singer-songwriter, Georgia Nevada, is back with her second single ‘The Devil Dealt Me You’ inspired by Georgia’s gamble on love. 

If you’re a big fan of the Nashville sound, you would probably agree with me that you wouldn’t believe that Georgia is actually a British singer-songwriter from Stevenage, Hertfordshire. In my opinion, the region is filled with so many talented artists that I’ve luckily had the pleasure of working with – hopefully with Georgia soon! 

The story behind this song is so relatable, and one known by so many of us, but it’s a step that all of us in love have already (or will have to) taken at some point. The single was inspired by Georgia’s relocation from her hometown of Stevenage to Brighton to move in with her partner within one month of meeting each other. It’s definitely a risk because you never truly know your partner until you live with them! So after moving 100 miles from her family, friends and also her music scene, the risk has worked out. 

Georgia puts it perfectly:

We’ve all heard of the phrase ‘lucky in love’ and that accurately describes my own romantic experience. My family was shocked by my decision to move so quickly and my friends hedged their bets that things wouldn’t work out, but lady luck helped me prove them wrong.

We’ve all known someone who has gone down the same road, but when you know you’ve met the right person, you know. It’s a similar situation that happened with my sister a few years ago where her boyfriend (at the time) was offered a job in San Francisco, USA, but they had only been going out for a couple of months. He asked her if she wanted to move out with him, and off she went. My parents and I had only met him once, but it’s a gamble that sometimes we need to take! 

The single is co-written with Kyle Elliot who helped jam-pack the song with metaphors about gambling to lyrically narrate Nevada’s personal love story. Georgia has a particular closeness to the lyric ‘When the devil dealt me you, he thought I’d fold – just like I do’ which summarises the artist’s experience with love before meeting her now-partner, Will. I (and I’m sure many others) agree with you Georgia – we’ve all been down that road before meeting the one we fall in love with. 

You can download and stream ‘The Devil Dealt Me You’ across all mainstream digital platform from February 26, 2021, and I just wanted to say thank you Georgia for giving us all some inspiration to take a risk on love – it’s definitely needed right now!

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