Monetization for Artists

We are (and have always been) incredibly dedicated to supporting musicians, which is why we have introduced an awesome monetization package where all our talented artists who have collaborated with us on a Shufflewire Session will share royalties.

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How To Get Involved?

First, you need to do a Shufflewire Session with us, and also to have performed an original song in your session. Second, you need let us know that you are happy for us to distribute it on various streaming services (such as Spotify and Apple Music), we can easily set that up for you.

At this moment in time, we have agreed we all artist that Shufflewire will take 25% and the artist/label will take 75% of all revenue earnt from royalties from each individual release. We aim to distribute royalty shares at the end of everything, but with a minimum payout of £10.00.

Along with the video of your Shufflewire Session, your track(s) will be promoted via our social media channels, our website, our friends, partners and also submitted to curated playlists. 

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