What Goodies Might Be In Your Sack This Christmas?

Here at Shufflewire Towers we are all looking forward to Christmas. We get to put our feet up for a few days, eat badly, drink too much and watch daytime TV. It’s pretty much like being a musician. The big difference this year is that there are no gigs but on the plus side it means we have more time to play with our new toys!

So, we decided to suggest some ideas for gear that you might want to find in Santa’s sack on Christmas morning. Here’s our top twenty.

Five for Singers

In Harmony

Sack the rest of the barbershop quartet and go it alone with this versatile vocal effects unit. Add harmonies and/or reverb effects to your own sweet tones and mix them.

Light Up, Light Up!

A natty little pin-spotlight from XXLYYY. Focus the punters’ attention on you, just you (not the guitarist), with this neat but powerful mini pin-spot. Easily mountable.

It’s a Shure Thing

Every singer needs an SM58 in their kit. Main mic or backup. Solidly made, trusted by the best in the business. A 58 will never let you down.

Heavy-Duty Mic Stand

Tough enough to withstand your most vigorous Freddie Mercury impression the Gravity MS Heavy Duty tripod stand does what it says. It might look like a normal stand, but it’s ergonomically designed to make it a pleasure to set up and really, really tough.

Mirror, Mirror

All singers know that looking their best is important (no, of course it’s not vanity). Show your best side every time with this handy portable mirror. Or just take time admire what god gave you.

Five for Guitarists

Keep it Down!

Plug in, tune up or noodle to your hearts content without p****** off the rest of the band (please).

Busking Beauty

This super little rechargeable amp can be taken anywhere. Great for busking, so you can still earn a crust in a Covid ridden world. Or tune up where there’s no mains power!

Go Loopy

If Sheeran can do it so can you. Loop like a Boss (no pun intended) with this great value pedal.

Keep it Clean

Nobody wants grubby equipment. This essential guitar maintenance kit will help guitarists clean and set up their instruments. Suitable for beginners through to pros.

Borne Free!

Offering one of the cheapest wireless options around the Harley Benton AirBorne 2 will set you free from stage clutter, tripping dangers and unreliable connections (or, as our guitarist once did – taping down the guitar lead pre-gig and subsequently realising it didn’t reach as far as the mic stand. You had to be there).

Five for Bassists

Ace of Bass?

We know you’re not “just” the bassist. Wow your audience and irritate the hell out of your bandmates with this very affordable Bass Synth.

Is it Safe?

Keep your treasured basses safe and sound with the TOURTECH Pro Series Bass Cases. They’re strong enough to withstand the mangling mitts of the meanest roadie and are also incredible value for money.

The Sound of Silence

Protect those sensitive King Lears with these great value ear plugs from EarPeace. We call these beauties Star Treks because they include 3 ear plugs. Right, left, and presumably the final front ear!

Fender Strap

Compliment your Precision or Jazz with a lovely “road worn” genuine leather Fender bass guitar strap. You will love it. Cows? Not so much.

I am NOT a Roadie!

Poor bass players. So often mistaken for roadies, stalkers or worse still, punters. Make sure they know why you’re hanging about with the cool kids with this “It’s OK I’m with the band” tee shirt.

Five for Drummers

London Drumstick Co Personalised Sticks

Your own personalise drumsticks. Have your name or band printed on LDco’s awesome sticks or design your own sticks – chose the wood, weight, length etc (see LDco site for pricing). The best sticks you’ll ever use.

Big Fat Neck-Tie

Look dapper in your new Christmas suit complimented by this attractive neck-tie. No, wait. It’s actually a great versatile percussion accessory that adds a trashy jingle to a ride cymbal, hi-hat or snare. Made by the guys that bought you Big Fat Snare – in case that wasn’t obvious.


It’s a revolutionary drum key! FireFly have reinvented the drum key to make this ultimate product. Change heads faster, tune better and do it with a lot more panache. And it’s red.  Yes, of course you need another drum key.

Please Don’t Touch!

Keep clean and safe from nasty viruses with the LDco brass touch tool (yes you read that right drummers. It’s nothing to do with touching bras). Designed to open doors or press buttons without transferring germs.

Small is Beautiful

OK, I guess a drum kit is not really a stocking filler but the Busker Deville from SJC is a delight. Scaled down to a neater footprint for pub and club gigs without losing sound quality or style. It’s very pretty (in stunning brass wrap or new black sparkle) it’s made from mahogany, and it’s an SJC under £550.00!

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