Introducing Zikit Drums

Turn your 14” snare into three drums in one.

Most of us drummers have much in common. We’re looking for new sounds. We love a gadget. And we’re looking for ways to have both without lugging around more gear.

If that’s you too, you’re in luck. Zikit Drums from Israel has introduced a new product that means you can now play three snares on your kit from one drum shell.

The Zikit Pro-Kit is a clever piece of engineering that fits inside your snare, allowing you the option to change your drum from its natural 14” to a 12” or a 10” diameter drum in real-time, at the flick of a lever. It means you have the option to change snare sound in a milli-second, between or even mid-song. The device sits neatly into your snare shell, only detected by the small outer lever. Moving the lever in turn moves the inner rings upwards to create pressure on the head, thus making a smaller resonant area and the effect of a smaller, higher-pitched drum.

The first thing that occurs to me is that fitting the kit does require the drilling of a small hole into your snare drum shell and that’s not going to appeal to everyone (although the fitting kit comes with its own jig, so fitting is actually a doddle). Particularly if you invested the best part of a thousand £/$’s into the drum of your dreams. The other question I would have is; how does the addition of the mechanics affect the sound of your drum? Effectively adding two smaller shells inside must change the fundamental nature of your drum sound. Will it rattle after some wear?

That’s the negative out the way. Assuming you’re buying into the idea, this really is a very clever product and a neat piece of engineering innovation. I could certainly see how drummers would use it in a live situation, particularly where one is playing a range of musical styles in a single performance, which is often the case. Orchestral applications spring to mind.

The Zikit Pro-Kit is the option to fit the system to an existing drum but you can also buy a snare with the kit factory-fitted directly from the makers’ website. Currently, Zikit offers a Sonor SQ2, 7-ply maple (4-ply of Canadian maple on either side of 3-ply of Chinese maple) RRP $759.00 or a British Drum Company snare custom-designed for Zikit. This is a 10-ply birch moulded into a 5.5cm thick shell. 45-degree bearing edges ensure clear articulation and a complex tone. RRP $1,069.00.

All in all, this looks like a terrific product. It’s not going to appeal to everyone but for those, it does it could be a game-changer. Drumming appears to be going through a revolution of design. There’s always been innovation, perhaps more so than most instruments because there are so many components that make up a drummers’ arsenal and many of them are mechanical. It’s great to come across a thoughtful and well-executed design that does exactly what it says.

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