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May 28
It’s All About the Sound!

In February I had the pleasure of speaking to Gilson Lavis for the forthcoming…

May 28
Drumathon Live 2021 Update

In April I wrote about Drumathon Live 2021 and my little part in helping to raise…

Apr 06
55DC.co.uk Is A New Online Store That Every Drummer Will Love

Over the last decade, the global drumming community has witnessed something of a…

Mar 13
Introducing Zikit Drums

Most of us drummers have much in common. We’re looking for new sounds. We love a…

Sep 02
Peace Paragon

The Peace brand is one we don’t hear too much about in the UK but Peace Music who…

Aug 29
The London Drumstick Company

LDC are a British company fairly new onto the stick making scene but creating quite a…

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