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The Rise and Rise of the Streamed Gig

The COVID-19 pandemic and the various levels of lockdown we have all had to endure has a devastating effect on the entertainment industry. For those of us used to gigging regularly, not treading the boards for nine months or more has left a huge hole in our lives and our pockets.

If there is one good thing that has come from this experience it has been the growth of the streamed gig. Facebook, YouTube and the rest have seen an explosion of artists performing virtually. Some solo from makeshift bedroom studios, others playing as a band video collaboration. Musicians are creative people, so it’s fun to see how different musicians are approaching the challenge and while live streaming was very prevalent before the pandemic the temporary “new normal” has encouraged more and more artists from every genre and every generation to use streaming media to maintain or even grow their audience. I suspect that once we have returned to a more normal society the virtual gig will continue to be a potential source of entertainment and income. Its presence may even increase. After all, if you’ve invested in new gear and time to set it up and learn how to use it, you’re going to want to use it even when you back gigging in the real world again. And your audience will be accustomed to watching your online performance, so you can’t disappoint them! It’s actually an opportunity to reach a far larger, more diverse audience than you otherwise could.

Shufflewire was initially developed as a production house, making videos and recordings for up-and-coming new artists, so we already have bags of experience in this area. And it’s a project that we are very keen to continue. When we were designing it was a logical step to include our own streaming platform, so we did. We created a virtual showcase where musicians and bands can post their live show. As an audience member, you would see a number of streaming gigs that are live right now. The audience can choose a show to watch or hop between shows. If viewers wish to tip the performers, they can do so using Paypal or ApplePay. Alternatively, more established artists might prefer to sell tickets in advance.

Our plan eventually is to introduce a token system whereby viewers purchase “tokens” in advance which they can use to tip performers during the show. We also plan to include advertising adjacent to the stream and share revenue with 75% going to the artist. The more viewers you get, the more you earn. It’s a project for the future and we’re working on it.

So, if you are streaming gigs online why not join us? Follow this link to our virtual stage area and book your slot.

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