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LDC are a British company fairly new onto the stick making scene but creating quite a buzz in the UK and USA. Essentially, they are a custom stick business where you can design your own product choosing the wood, weight, balance, length, grip, tip style and colour. Not only that but LDC will custom print your own design with your band logo and signature. Now that’s pretty cool.

In 2019 the guys at LDC kindly sent me over one of the first pairs of their Oak sticks. This pair were standard 5A with an acorn wooden tip. Historically, I’ve not been a fan of Oak which generally speaking I find breaks easily, normally around the shoulder. I’m also a nylon tip advocate, preferring the brighter sound of the ride and also finding that I chip wooden tips very quickly.

The first thing I noticed about the sticks was the feel of them. They just feel great in your hand. The balance, the feel of the wood, the lightly varnished finish, it’s hard to explain. They looked beautiful too. So good, that I had them for a few days before I committed them to a session on the kit. I just wanted to keep them pristine!

Playing with the LDC Oak sticks was pure joy. They feel very slightly heavier than a hickory stick (I usually use Vic Firth 5AN’s) and that extra weight seemed to be toward the shoulder which gave these sticks a very powerful feel. I used them for six gigs, that’s about 14 pretty hard hours in my world, and there was barely a mark on them. Eventually I did manage to chip one of the tips but they lasted longer than any wooden tipped stick I’ve ever used. I’m a huge fan.

The LDC Oak sticks retail at £9.99 (this is a standard stick, not customised). I think that’s amazing value compared to other top brands.

You can buy LDC sticks direct from their website Design your own stick, exactly as you wish. You won’t be disappointed.

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