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We produce live sessions and music videos with some of the most talented, up and coming artists all around the UK. Our Shufflewire Sessions are captured in some of the most beautiful and renowned locations from a tranquil beachfront to a reputable recording studio. If you’re a musician or a band (or a representative) and interested in doing a live session with us, you can apply for a Shufflewire Session.

Aside from the sick video that you get out of this, we also offer an awesome program called “Monetization for Artists” where you can share royalties from the session track being distributed online via all the usual streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play. 

How Do I Get Involved?

So first things first, to apply for a session you must have an account with Shufflewire and also have a musician and/or band listing. Don’t worry though, it’s completely free! You’ll need to provide the link in the application form. 

Next, you need to apply for a session so that we can get a feel for your sound. We welcome all genres, all ages (over 16), bands, soloists, duos but obviously cannot guarantee a live session with Shufflewire. 

Once you’ve received a confirmation from us, we can start planning! Between us, we decide on a date that works and the only thing that you need to do is organise the venue or location for the shoot from the directory. If they don’t exist on the directory, please just ask them to join – it’s free! 

On the day of the shoot, you turn up along with any instrument, equipment and additional musicians that you might need for your session. We’ll provide all the filming equipment, sound recording requirement (microphones, mixer, cables etc) and video editing.

Finally, we will usually release individual videos every month or so to spread them out inbetween other artists. These will be released exclusively via the Shufflewire website and other social media channels and you’re welcome to share these as much as you like! The more the better!

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To qualify for a Shufflewire Session, you must have a musician or band listing on Shufflewire. If you haven't got a listing yet, add a listing here.


Would you be interested in our Monetization for Artists program? This is where artists, labels and/or publishers will share revenue from royalties from the audio tracks that will be distributed for streaming and download via Spotify, Apple Music and other popular platforms.


To learn more about how Shufflewire collects, uses, shares and protects your personal data, please read Shufflewire’s Privacy Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and no. Your video(s) and song(s) will be hosted exclusively by us (unless otherwise agreed) on our website, streaming services and social media channels, however, you are more than welcome to share and/or embed the videos anyway. If you would like to use the video(s) to your own channels we do have a couple of options for you, please check out the extras below. 

Absolutely nothing! The only catch (if you want to call it that), is that you need to organise and (in some cases) pay for the venue or filming location, as well as any additional session musicians that you need for your session. If you wish to exclusively host each video on your own channels such as your website and/or social media accounts, there will be an additional fee.

It completely depends on how many songs you would like to record, how long it takes to get that perfect take and also on how long it takes us to set up all the cameras, lighting and audio equipment. We usually aim to film between 3 to 5 songs in one session and that can take anything from 3 to 10 hours! 

If you can’t find the venue or location, just ask the owner to add a free listing on Shufflewire. 

Our Shufflewire Sessions are now available to stream and download via all popular music services.

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